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Texas Driver Handbook – DPS Texas Driver Handbook Spanish- DPS

Texas Driver Handbook Review Questions Right of Way Rules

What you need when you go to DPS for your Permit Classroom Workbook

Classroom Textbook: Ch 1-4 Ch 5-6 Ch 7-12 Ch 13-18 Ch 19-24 Glossary & Index

Drinking and Driving Article Jacqui’s Story Article Jacqui’s Story Questions

Final Exam Review

Behind-the-Wheel Instruction Guide: 20 hours 30 Hours

20 Hour Driving Log Sheet(before 9/1/13) 30 Hour Driving Log Sheet(as of 9/1/13)

Impact Texas Drivers(ITD)

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Video Links:

GDL Made Simple: Texas

Signs, Signals, & Markings

Sharing the Road

Preventing Road Rage–Anger Management for Drivers

Using Your Eyes Effectively

Visual Perception in Driving

Managing Space and Time for Safe Driving

Expressway Driving

Freeway Driving

Driving Skills for Life (Must download for full video)

Extreme Driving Quiz

The National Driving Test

The National Driving Test Part 2

The Ultimate Driving Challenge

Operation Lifesaver Rail Safety Videos

Young Drivers:The High Risk Years

Stop the Texts. Stop The Wrecks.

PSA Texting While Driving U.K.

AT&T The Last Text Documentary

Choosing Your Destiny (Must download for full video)

Drinking and Driving Kills

Alcohol and your Brain

Drink Drive Rationalize

Alcohol–The Unlabeled Drug

Faces of Drunk Driving Videos

Jacqui’s Story Part 1: Consequences

Jacqui’s Story Part 2: Aftermath

Jacqui’s Story Part 3: Regret

Road Skillz (Must download for full video)

Wrecked Life and Death on the Road

Driving in Bad Weather

Night Driving

Car Maintenance Videos

Pass It On Videos

Don’t Mess With Texas Ads

Never Happens.