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Teen Driver’s Ed

The state required course for ages 15-24.  Students will have fun and hands-on educational experience learning the ways of the road with us.

(30 days before a students 15th birthday they are eligible to sign up for our teen drivers ed class)

  • 32 Classroom Hours
  • 14 In-Car Hours (7 driving/7 observing)
  • Permit Prep
  • Written Permit Exam
  • 10% Insurance DiscountAdditional 

30 hours of Behind-the-Wheel training must be completed with parent or guardian. Click here for an Instruction Guide for the additional hours. (Documentation required by DPS)


Need a Ride?

We offer our clientle the option to have your instructor pick you up and/or drop you off (Fees: $5 pick up / $5 drop, or $10 round trip) just make arrangements with your local office administrator.


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Click on the above link for upcoming classes or call the location nearest you for class dates and times! Limited Space Avaliable!

You can also try our online course by clicking the link below.


Adult Six Hour Course (18-24yrs)

The state of Texas requires that persons 18-24 years of age must take a six hour driver’s ed course before going to DPS for their driver’s license.

This class will provide you with the paperwork you need to receive your driver’s permit. You will then be able to set up a road test at the DPS.  You may also schedule a Road Test with our Driving School much quicker than with DPS  for an additional fee. You must pass the Road Test  in order to receive your driver’s license.

Texas City every 1st Saturday & 3rd Wednesday

LaPorte every 2nd Saturday

Galveston every 3rd Saturday

Baytown every 4th Saturday

Call the location nearest you for class dates and times.


↓ Or try our online course by clicking the link below ↓

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Adult Private Lessons

Whether you are a new driver out on the road, or a seasoned driver looking to refresh your driving skills, private lessons are convenient for everyone. Get personalized lessons with a patient and proven instructor.

  • 1 & 1/2 hour of in-car driving
  • $10 Round Trip or $5 Pickup/ $5 Drop off  (Within a 5-mile radius)

You MUST have a Texas learner’s license (permit) issued by the Department of Public Safety (DPS).


Call the location nearest you to set up an appointment!

Driving Safety Awareness

(Defensive Driving)

Save money! Save lives! Save your license! Do all the above by simply completing a defensive driving course. We offer Defensive Driving two ways.

1. Classroom

Classes are held from 8 am to 2:30 pm with a 30-minute lunch.

Galveston every 1st Saturday
LaPorte every 4th Saturday
Texas City every 3rd Saturday

Please take into consideration that certificates

may take a minimum of 14 days to receive in the mail

◊ Click HERE to order your Driving Record ◊

*Class dates and times may be subject to change.

2. Online

Just click on the link below and you’ll be on your way!


DPS Approved Road Test 

ATTENTION… Road Test clientele must bring valid permit and all the required paperwork to obtain your Texas Drivers License into one of our nearest locations for review prior to scheduling an appointment with a TPST Examiner to take the DPS Third Party Road Test Exam.

We offer DPS Approved Road Tests for all individuals who have a valid permit; teens 16-24 who have completed a 32 hour Drivers Education course, adults 18-24 who have completed a 6 hour Drivers Education course and adults 25 and over. We offer extended hours at all 3 locations: Texas City, Galveston, and La Porte. Why wait months for an appointment? We can get you much faster!

PLEASE NOTE:   Students MUST be at least 16 yrs old to take their Road Test with us.

Before taking the Road test for your driver’s license with one of our Third party testers, you will need to have the following:

  • Students valid permit (must be held for 6 months if ages 16-17)
  • DE-964 or PT-964 (completion certificate of driver’s ed course)
  • IMPACT Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) or if 18 and older IMPACT Texas Young Drivers (ITYD) certificate ( The completion date of the IMPACT MUST  be after the completion date of the 30 hour log.
  • Proof of Insurance
  • 30 Hour Behind the Wheel Log (DPS Requirement if you took the teen course)
  • Parent/Legal Guardian MUST BE PRESENT- No Exceptions!! If you are 18 and completed a parent taught program, your parent must still be present to sign paperwork. They will also have to escort you to the DPS.
  • $80 payment
    $65 for students who completed our  Teen Driver’s Ed Course
    (We accept debit, credit, money order or cash payment)
  • A new VOE will be Required by DPS.  (Note: THIS FORM IS VALID FOR NO MORE THAN 30 DAYS)
  • If you completed a Parent taught packet, the following items will also be needed:
    • DL-90B Behind the Wheel Instruction- Driver Education Affidavit
    • DL-91A Classroom Log
    • DL-91B Behind the Wheel Instruction Log (14 Hour)
  • Because we are a third party doing skills testing, we do not offer HARDSHIP LICENSES. This must be done at the DPS.

Learn How To Drive A Standard/Manual Transmission

We can show you the basics on how to drive a stick shift.  We will instruct adults and teens. Call or email the nearest Island Driving School location to schedule a lesson.

Lessons are $110.

Purchase a package of 5 lessons for $500.

*Corporate rates are available.

Driver Competency Evaluation

Participants are evaluated by a TDLR Approved Driving Instructor. During the evaluation, the participant will drive through a series of neighborhoods that encompass various speed limits. The will also be required to make right and left hand turns, exhibit the ability to properly back up and be able to enter and exit freeways. They must also safely change lanes, apply proper braking, use appropriate signals, and head check searching for blind spots.

Instructor Training

Interested in becoming a Driver’s Ed instructor? Register for our Driver’s Ed training program. Interested in teaching In-car only, then you’ll need to take Driver’s Ed I & II. If you would like to teach In-car and Classroom, then you’ll need to take Driver’s Ed I, II, & III. To register you must sign a contract, make a payment, and supply a Driving Record (which you can get from this website, look under Defensive Driving).

Our next schedule class date is:


*Call the nearest school if you are interested in taking this course.!

Prices for this course:
Driver’s Ed I & II -$750
Driver’s Ed III – $450
Driver’s Ed I, II, & III – $1150

For more information call, 409-943-5770.

We also offer an online option to be a Driver Education Instructor.

The cost for this course is $900. Becoming certified online is beneficial to those with busy schedules.  It allows you to train as fast as you want and in your time.

To apply online and get signed up with, contact the school director.

Continued Education

We offer Continued Education for driving instructors at our location or yours.

For more information, click here to send Staffon an email.

For general information contact the location nearest you.

For general contact email